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Consignment Process

Initial Contact and Evaluation:

  • Potential Consignors may fill in the request form for an auction estimate. After an evaluation is complete, items will be deemed either fit or unfit within their specialty and if they meet their criteria for consignment.

Agreement and Contract:

  • If items are deemed acceptable for consignment, we will provide a consignment agreement outlining terms and conditions.
  • This agreement covers aspects such as commission rates (the percentage of the sale price retained by the auction house), reserve prices (if any), insurance, duration of the consignment, and any further significant details.

Documentation and Authentication:

  • Consignors may need to provide documentation proving ownership and authenticity of the items (especially for high-value items or artifacts).
  • The auction house may also conduct its own authentication and verification processes to ensure the items are genuine and accurately described.

Cataloguing and Marketing:

  • Once authenticated, the items are catalogued with detailed descriptions, photographs, and estimated sale prices.
  • The auction house then promotes the upcoming auction through various marketing channels to attract potential buyers.

Auction and Bidding:

  • Items will be put up through our live online auctions, timed-online auctions or both.
  • Bidding typically opens at a specified starting price and continues until the auction closes.

Shipping Options

Coming soon!

International Restrictions

Customs and Import Regulations:

Compliance with US customs requirements for importing valuable items.

Cultural Heritage and Export Laws:

Adherence to laws protecting cultural heritage and prohibiting the export of certain artifacts.

Taxation and Duties:

Potential tax implications and duties associated with selling internationally.

Documentation and Certification:

Providing accurate documentation and certification of the item’s authenticity and ownership.

Shipping and Insurance: Ensuring proper shipping methods and insurance coverage for valuable items during transit.

Fees And Charges


Individual Sale LotsCommission Rates
More than $350115%

Receiving Funds

Coming soon!

Unsold Items


The consignor may choose to re-consign the unsold items for future auctions, possibly adjusting reserve prices or marketing strategies.

Return to Consignor:

If agreed upon beforehand, unsold items may be returned to the consignor after the auction concludes.

Negotiation with Auction House:

Consignors and auction houses may negotiate alternative solutions, such as extending the consignment period, exploring private sale options, or altering terms for future auctions.

What Makes Treasure Trove Auctions the Ideal Place to Sell?

Specialists at your service

Our specialists enthusiastically support you in achieving the best results for your items. Whether you’re selling a single piece or an entire collection, our experts offer personalized guidance on pricing, listing, and marketing strategies. We manage every detail to ensure your items attract the right buyers and achieve optimal bids. You can trust our specialists to streamline the selling process, making it efficient and successful.

We’re closer than you think

At Treasure Trove Auctions, we’re closer than you think. Our user-friendly online platform makes it easy to participate in auctions from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are. With just a few clicks, you can explore, bid on, and win unique items from around the world. Plus, our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Treasure Trove Auctions brings the excitement of treasure hunting directly to you, making incredible finds accessible anytime, anywhere.

There are always opportunities to buy

At Treasure Trove Auctions, there are always opportunities to buy extraordinary items. Our platform features a continuously updated selection of unique and valuable pieces, ensuring that you’ll find new and exciting items every time you visit. With regular auctions and diverse categories, from antiques to modern collectibles, there’s something for every taste and interest. Stay engaged and discover treasures that you won’t find anywhere else, making every visit to Treasure Trove Auctions a chance to add something special to your collection.

We’ve done the hard work

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Our team meticulously curates and verifies each item, ensuring authenticity and quality. Additionally, we handle all the details, from professional photography and detailed descriptions to strategic marketing and customer support. By taking care of these complexities, we allow you to focus on the excitement of bidding or selling. You can be confident that every aspect has been expertly managed for a seamless and rewarding auction experience.